About Aim Heaven Ministries

Here at Aim Heaven Ministries, we do so much more than just perform Sunday services. As a faith community in Grayson, our members are engaged in a wide variety of activities, both within the church and serving the wider community. There are many opportunities for our members to get involved in community building, ask and answer spiritual questions, and work together to grow in faith. We have a choir that always welcomes new members, youth group services, and a variety of religious education study groups.

We also organize many opportunities for our members to volunteer and work with our community outreach programs. From reading programs for children, to food and clothing drives for the less fortunate, to organizing picnics and other fun events, our congregation is extremely active in community events. We are always open to new ideas and projects that will help us serve the community, so feel free to offer suggestions.

And if you are new and considering visiting our church, we want to extend a heartfelt welcome to you and your family. We aspire to be a church where everyone will feel welcome, and we want to invite you to give us a try.